Winter4Net - .NET lightweight IOC container

A lightweight .NET "Inversion of Control" container (IoC, aka dependency injection):

  • Based on .NET System.ComponentModel interfaces
  • Ultrafast, compact and scalable
  • Infrastructure for MDD/MDA
Ideal for enterprise applications and web software development

Starting from early 2004 WINTER4NET was used in more than 100 successful projects.

Winter4net is in the core of many globally famous systems:

Comindwork - an online project management system - is engineered fully on WINTER4NET container. This is one of the top 5 most used systems to manage projects online with very high traffic and usage.

Getting Started - ASP.NET + WINTER4NET

Step 1: Define Winter configuration section in Web.config
Step 2: Configure container creation in Global.asax
Step 3: Place you components definitions
Step 4: Use components from ASP.NET Page

Questions? Suggestions?
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Full Features List

  • Scalable with nested configurationsnew
  • Fast - handles more than 20mb configurations
  • Proven value in heavy loaded systems
  • Infrastructure for MDD/MDA
  • Easy integration
  • XML-based definitions
  • XSL transformations
  • Spring-compliant new
  • For complex web and soft systems
  • Robust for start-up projects